Audubon Zoo Prices, Membership and Hours Guide

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Audubon Zoo Tickets and Membership Guide

Audubon Zoo Prices are the first things, you should check when you’re planning a visit to the zoo.

Opened in 1914, Audubon Zoo is home to over 2000 animals from different around the world. Covering 58-acre habitats, a visit to Audubon Zoo offers a quick and convenient way to educate yourself on fascinating wildlife.

Many Audubon Zoo animals are in threat of extinction, so a trip to the Audubon Zoo is a good way to get close up to them and learn the importance of caring for nature.

Visiting an Audubon Zoo is a perfect plan to do in New Orleans with your family and spend a day outdoors and witness the majestic creatures around you. I’ll tell you how to get Audubon Zoo tickets and a lot more!

Audubon Zoo Tickets Prices 2023

Spanning 58 acres of forest and home to over 30 species, Audubon Zoo has numerous innovative, forward-thinking exhibits designed to engage visitors in the surroundings of different regions from different parts of the world.

See the current Audubon Zoo prices for tickets and admission –

Age Price

Audubon Zoo Ticket Prices

Children (2-13) $19.95 +plus sales tax
Adult (13-64) $24.95 +plus sales tax
Seniors (64+) $19.95 +plus sales tax
Student (valid ID required) $9.95 +plus sales tax
Children under 2 are free and do not require tickets for admission.

Audubon Aquarium Ticket Prices

Children (2-13) $24.95 +plus sales tax
Adult (13-64) $29.95 +plus sales tax
Seniors (64+) $24.95 +plus sales tax
Student (valid ID required) $24.95 +plus sales tax
Children under 2 are free and do not require tickets for admission.

Audubon Zoo Parking

Car $20
Bus $23
Weekend Preferred Parking at Fountain Circle $27
Single Stroller $14.70
Double Stroller $20.25
Wheelchair Free
Electric Convenience Vehicle $50.63

Audubon Zoo Membership Prices

Starting from $138, Audubon Zoo Membership provides free entry to the zoo year around. Below are the fees for various annual Audubon Zoo Membership prices –  

Age Price

Audubon Zoo Membership Package

INDIVIDUAL (one Adult) $138 + tax
INDIVIDUAL PLUS (Two Adult) $165+ tax
FAMILY (2 Adults 
 + Up to 6 Children)
$220 + tax
FAMILY PLUS  (2 Adults  + 6 Children + 1 Guest + Caregiver Privilege + 2 extra one-time use tickets) $248 + tax
SAFARI KREWE (2 Adults  + 6 Children + 2 Guests + Caregiver Privilege  + 6 extra one-time use tickets) $330 + tax

What can’t you miss at the Audubon Zoo?

Mainly, you can’t miss Audubon Zoo’s animal exhibits- it is home to over 30 species brought from all around the world. Observing them interact and play with each other is a very thrilling part of the visit.

Another sensational experience at Audubon Zoo is when the zookeepers feed the animals. I recommend you check out what activities are prepared for your visiting day so you don’t miss them- very interesting!

In “The Children’s Zoo,” kids are allowed to feed and pet various animals in a barnyard such as alpacas, donkeys, sheep, goats, or prairie dogs. They will never forget this experience.

To complete your fun-filled day, children can also enjoy the ride of the insect carousel and play on Nature Trek bridges & walkways.

Audubon Zoo Prices

Useful tips to visit the Audubon Zoo

  • Always book your tickets online in advance and confirm it.
  • Never feed the zoo animals without permission.
  • Download the Audubon Zoo map to your phone or print it so you can easily guide the zoo from place to place.
  • Don’t touch the plants, flowers, or trees.
  • Wear comfortable shoes.
  • Dress appropriately and comfortably according to the season you are visiting.
  • Bring snacks with you to eat inside the zoo.
  • Carry your bottle.

When is the Audubon ZOO open?

The Audubon Zoo is open at 10 AM and it may close at 4:30 PM or 5:30 PM depending on the season from Monday through Sunday.

Where to eat at the Audubon Zoo?

Your visit takes several hours so you may find you work up an appetite- take a break and grab a light bite to recharge your batteries!

The zoo is full of restaurants where you can stop for a while and eat on your visit. Check what restaurants are available inside the zoo- 

  • Flamingo Cafe
  • Snack Shack
  • Haagen- Dazs Ice cream
  • Zoofari Cafe

Other best places to visit 

  • Perth Zoo
  • Mogo Zoo
  • Monarto Zoo
  • Adelaide Zoo
  • Taronga Zoo

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Audubon Zoo free on your birthday?

On your birthday you pay just $1 for adult admission.

How long do Audubon Zoo tickets last?

Vouchers are for general admission to Audubon Zoo on any day of the year and are valid for three years from the date of purchase.

Can you bring your food to Audubon Zoo?

Yes, patrons can bring picnics with their food and drinks. 

How long does it take to go around Audubon Zoo?

It takes about 2 to 3 hours to walk around the heritage trail if u observe everything in detail.


What better way to spend a day than visiting Audubon Zoo? It is home to more than 4000 native and exotic animals of around 30 different species, including some most endangered species. 

A visit to Audubon Zoo provides an enriching experience for guests of all ages. With Audubon Zoo tickets, you can enjoy a carousel ride for small kids, recreational activities, and a hub for amusement. 

Audubon Zoo is worth the visit, as it offers a quick and convenient way to educate yourself on fascinating wildlife. Audubon Zoo Events include the Otter Snack, Elephants, Sea Lion Feeding, Komodo Feeding, and Elephant Barn. 

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