Bristol Zoo – Close Encounters with Exotic Animals

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Bristol Zoo, located in Bristol, South West England, is home to 50 species of mammals numbering around 300. If you are fond of seeing exotic animals from Asia and Africa, you must visit this zoo.

Here are some of the attractions offered here:

The Aquarium

It has approximately 70 species of fish housed in three sections – Africa, the Amazon River, and the Coral Reef.

In Africa, you will see different kinds of cichlids, while there are plenty of piranhas, pacu, and catfishes in the Amazon River. Lastly, you will enjoy the corals, seahorses and different kinds of saltwater fishes in the Coral Reef.

Monkey Islands and Monkey Jungle

This attraction is relatively new, with four exhibits designed to excite your senses. The place is an enclosure that houses ring-tailed lemurs and red-ruffed lemurs.

You will not forget the rush of excitement when you walk alongside these creatures.

There are a lot of black howlers, lion-tailed macaques, De Brazza’s monkeys and other primates in this place.

Bristol Zoo

The Reptile House

The Reptile House is home to a variety of amphibians and reptiles. It’s heated, so you will feel how hot a rainforest is.

There are three sections in the Reptile House – the Rearing Room, where baby reptiles and amphibians are raised; the Rainforest, where you will see snakes, terrapins and dwarf crocodiles and the Desert, where you will see tortoises, geckos and Gila monsters.

Jungle Hideaway Birthday Parties

Consider the Jungle Hideaway as your venue if you want to give your child a special treat on their birthday. It will transport your child to the deep parts of the jungle where he or she can be the Jungle King or Queen of the day.

If you book it for your kid’s special day, he and his friends will be able to use the premises for three hours exclusively.

They will be treated to a tasty buffet-style meal while listening to the wild sounds of the jungle and enjoy a party pack full of jigsaws, stickers, activity books and so forth.

They will also be able to walk with exotic but safe jungle animals. Furthermore, the children can enjoy the whole zoo for the entire day. Rates start from £185 for ten kids to £360 for 25 kids. For more details, visit

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