Having a Grand Time at the Chester Zoo

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The Chester Zoo is one of the best zoos In England. It was voted the best zoo in the United Kingdom and seventh on the planet by TripAdvisor. Located in Cheshire, this zoo boasts 125 acres of animal exhibits.

Here are some of the exciting things that await you at Chester Zoo:

Tropical Realm

With more than 26,000 cubic meters of space, the Tropical Realm of Chester Zoo is the UK’s biggest tropical house today. Inside the open-plan space are pools of water and lush growth of mature tropical plants. You will feel as if you’re in a natural tropical forest.

Free-flying birds in this area include crested partridges, different species of starlings, and Nicobar pigeons. This section has several aviaries arranged on the edges of the building, where you will see all kinds of birds perched or just playing around.

Tropical Realm also houses the reptile collection of the zoo, where you can see several crocodile pools serving as the habitats of several Philippine crocodiles, American alligators and West African dwarf crocodiles.

Big Cats

You and your children will be treated to the fantastic sights and sounds of the world’s most giant cats in the Big Cats section of the zoo. The cat collection of the zoo includes big tigers, lions, jaguars and cheetahs from all over the world. There are two Asian lions from the Gir Forest in India as well.

Islands at Chester Zoo

This is a 15-acre section constructed southwest of the Chester Zoo. It showcases the areas where the zoo has participated in nature conservation efforts, such as in the Philippines, Sumatra and Indonesia. You will be able to walk between the islands using bridges and also be able to ride a boat and view the animals in the park.

Elephants and the Asian Forest

This is the first zoo that has been able to breed Asian elephants. The zoo’s breeding herd is composed of seven elephants – two males and five females. This section is also home to tapirs, rhinos, African elephants and hippos.

Chester Zoo

Spirit of the Jaguar

Spirit of the Jaguar is a place built through the sponsorship of Jaguar Cars. This place has four sections: a dry savannah, a rainforest and two rivers and pools where the jaguars can romp and bathe. This section is home to one black jaguar and two spotted jaguars. For more details, visit www.chesterzoo.org.

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