Why the Philadelphia Zoo Is One of the Best Places to Visit in Philly

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It is always great to visit the Philadelphia Zoo not only because of its animal exhibits but also the varied opportunities for exploration that the place offers. Here are some of the things you will see and experience here:

6abc ZooBalloon

If you’ve never ridden a balloon before, this is your chance to do it. Philadelphia Zoo offers the 6abc Zoo Balloon ride, allowing you to fly up to 400 feet high.

You will see the spectacular view of the zoo and the surrounding areas, such as Center City and Fairmont Park. Children under two are free, but adults have to pay $12 per head for ten minutes of the exhilarating trip on air.

Camel Safari

When you are hitched on a camel’s back, you will be riding in an authentic African transport. You can then explore the diverse continent of Africa from the camel’s back. As the camel hops along, you will tower above the crowds as you explore the ‘African Plains.’

The zoo has to follow certain safety standards, so, before you are allowed to ride, you must be checked by the ride operators to see if it’s safe for you to ride the camel.

Amazon Rainforest Carousel

The Amazon Rainforest Carousel features 30 mammal, reptile, amphibian and bird ‘seats’ and two spinning snake chariots. You will have fun exploring and appreciating the Amazon while listening to and viewing the sounds and sights.

Underneath the carousel is animals in the Amazon, such as anacondas and jaguars. The ride is also part of the zoo’s efforts to educate its visitors about preserving this wildlife.

Philadelphia Zoo

swan Boat

This is the perfect activity for your restless kids. The Swan Boats on Bird Alley will have them paddling their way around Bird Lake. Every Swan Boat is built to accommodate two to three people.

Each rider must not be more than 300 pounds, and the total weight for each boat must not exceed 600 pounds. An adult must accompany children less than 52 inches tall.

Lorikeet Encounters

This attraction will have you feeding beautiful lories and lorikeets with some nectar in your hands. The place is an open exhibit where various avian acrobats are flying around.

You will get a tropical feeling while you’re amidst these lovely birds. This will be great fun for the whole family. For more details, visit www.philadelphiazoo.org/

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