Longleat Safari Park – A Drive-Through Safari Outside of Africa

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If you want a safari cruise but can’t go to Africa, don’t worry; there is also a drive-through safari park right here in England – the Longleat Safari park. It is located in Longleat House, where the 7th Marquess of Bath lives.

Here are some of the attractions you can find here:

Jungle Kingdom

The first section of the Jungle Kingdom will take you to a walk-through exhibit of chipmunks and meerkats, the first of its kind in England. There are also themed enclosures that contain Boa constrictors, otters, Burmese Pythons, binturong, giant anteaters, coatis, maras, and porcupines.

Animal Adventure

This area is home to many exotic and popular birds, mammals, insects and reptiles. They include striped skunks, Chilean rose tarantula, ferrets, rock hyraxes, iguanas, Siberian weasels, Kune Kune pigs, cockatoos, royal pythons, fennec fox, Geoffroy’s marmosets, tortoises, prairie dogs and many more.

You will also have the opportunity to walk through a burning butterfly house and a place where you can pet and handle small animals. Other giant animals are within proximity as well, such as emus, donkeys, and kookaburras.

Longleat Safari Park

Jungle Cruise

While in this part of the zoo, you will take a short trip around the lake where a family of sea lions lives. There are also two hippos in the lake.

If you are willing to shell out £1.00, you will be given a cup of fish that you can throw as feed to the sea lions. Naturally, they will follow your boat as you cruise the lake to catch your fish.

Penguin Island

This attraction is a 225,000-liter aquarium that is naturally themed and home to 30 Humboldt penguins. You will enjoy the spectacular views above and below the waterline through the huge viewing windows.

The exciting thing is you can even walk inside a part of this enclosure where you can interact with the penguins if they are up to it.

Jungle Express Railway

This is a 15-inch gauge miniature railway that you can ride. It traverses through the Jungle Kingdom with its one-mile length and encircles the Half Mile Pond. During the holiday season, the zoo even supplies reindeer, and the railway transforms into a Santa Express.

Monkey Temple

This is a section sandwiched between Animal Adventure and Jungle Kingdom. You will see several kinds of primates, including red-handed tamarins, Emperor tamarins, and marmosets running around the temple ruins. There is also a lorikeet feeding station where you can buy pots of nectar to feed the birds. For more details, visit www.longleat.co.uk/

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